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Welcome to the next level of The Opinion Arcade, with a new Pop Culture video essay every week.

I started the website a few years ago I wasn’t totally sure what I wanted it to be, all I really knew is that it was going to be somewhere for me to talk about all things Pop Culture.

And it was filled with all kinds of posts I wouldn’t dream about writing now like, “TV show ideas” Part 1, my idea for rewriting the Phantom Menace, lots of DC vs Marvel stuff – it was all very bloggy.

And since then I’ve gone from not wanting to do any reviews to only doing reviews for a while, to easter egg posts, posts on a comic book to movie or tv show differences, nearly thirty-minute long making of documentary-style videos, and a weekly Pop Culture news show.

But, I think I’ve been pushing myself a little too far, and have kind of lost sight of what The Opinion Arcade was supposed to be.

So going forward, there will definitely still be some more making-of videos, more comic book to screen side by side videos, hopefully, some podcasts, and all kinds of other things that I’ve been working on, but the main part of the website and channel is going to be a new pop-culture video essay, every week here on the website and on YouTube.

The Opinion Arcade – The Next Level