WandaVision Easter Eggs, References, and Cameos

With no MCU content in 2020 (the first since 2009) 2021 is coming back strong with multiple movies and Disney Plus shows. The first...

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With no MCU content in 2020 (the first since 2009) 2021 is coming back strong with multiple movies and Disney Plus shows. The first is WandaVision, with what looks to be a wild ride inside the mind of the reality-altering Wanda Maximoff, and as you’d expect the show is filled with easter eggs and references to the comics and the wider MCU straight from the start, so in this post, we’re taking a look at the best WandaVision Easter Eggs, References, and Cameos.

Episode 1 – Filmed Before a Live Studio Audience

House 2800

In the now-iconic Vision run from Tom King and Gabriel Hernandez Walta, Vision and his family live at house 616. This is a nod to the prime Marvel comics universe being known as Universe 616 in the Marvel Multiverse. In the first episode of WandaVision, Wanda and Vision’s house is notably number 2800, which could hint at 2800 being the part of the Multiverse Wanda and Vision are currently in.

WandaVision Easter Eggs, References, and Cameos - House 2800

“my husband and his indestructible head”

During the episode, as the show embraces its nostalgic sitcom roots, Wanda says “my husband and his indestructible head”. This is a subtle nod at the fact that the last time viewers saw Vision, in Avengers: Infinity War, Thanos literally ripped his head apart to get the mind stone.

August 23rd

The first episode of the show takes place on August 23rd and much of the story revolves around both Wanda and Vision forgetting the significance of the date. August 23rd, or 23/8, is a nod to Avengers #238. In Avengers #238, Unlimited Vision, Vision is reactivated using technology from Starfox’s home planet.

WandaVision Easter Eggs, References, and Cameos - A23

Vision’s Tie

In another (of what will likely be many) references to Tom King’s Vision run, the pattern on Vision’s tie during the first episode, is a callback to Vision’s tie clip from the comics.

Stark Industries Toaster

Selling the weird and wonderful nature of WandaVision as much as possible in the first episode, halfway through the episode cuts to a commercial break. The first is for a Stark Industries toaster. The toaster is not only a reference to the Stark family, but a familiar Iron Man noise makes an appearance as the toast shoots out. This could also be another nod to the Tom King comics, where Wanda calls Vision a toaster during an argument.

WandaVision Easter Eggs, References, and Cameos - Stark Toaster


As the Hart’s arrive at Wanda and Vision’s house, Vision mentions that Wanda comes from Sokovia. Although it could just be a small nod to her origins, it could also be setting something up to reveal a very different, more comic accurate origin story for Wanda and Pietro (that for those who don’t know reveals them to be the children of Magneto).

House of M

The wine served during the first episode is labelled Maison du Mépris, which translates to House of Contempt. This is seen by many as a reference to the 2005 comic book event “House of M”, which saw Scarlet Witch suffer a mental breakdown and as a result remake reality to bring back her children. The overtones and inspiration for WandaVision is clear, and the notable role of both Magneto and Quicksilver in the comic could hint at some interesting twists to come for the show.

WandaVision Easter Eggs, References, and Cameos - House of M Wine


In the comics, S.W.O.R.D (Sentient World Observation and Response Department) is the other side of the coin of S.H.I.E.L.D. Where S.H.I.E.L.D. monitors and deals with threats on Earth, S.W.O.R.D protects against alien attacks.

S.W.O.R.D has been teased before in the MCU, with Nick Fury working on some kind of project in outer space at the end of Spider-Man: Far From Home, but the inclusion here is the most prominent. Whoever is observing Wanda’s world on the tv has a S.W.O.R.D notebook, and the logo can be seen on one of the monitors. How exactly S.W.O.R.D comes in to play, and why they seem to be monitoring Wanda will likely be one of the central mysteries of the show.

Abe Brown

As the credits roll on the episode (but not the real episode – if that makes sense), Abe Brown can be seen as the episode’s director, this is a reference to the Marvel comics character who also appeared in Spider-Man: Homecoming. In the comics, Abe Brown is also known as Black Tiger and is the brother of Hobbie Brown who was the original Prowler.

WandaVision Easter Eggs, References, and Cameos - Abe Brown

Episode 2 – Don’t Touch That Dial

The Opening Sequence

With the jump forward a generation, but still in black and white, the second episode of WandaVision brings with it a new animated opening sequence – and it is full of easter eggs and references.

The sequence itself is very much in the style of the iconic sixties and seventies show, Bewitched. The animated segment features references to everything from the Infinity Stones to a Grim Reaper helmet (Grim Reaper the Marvel character, not the other guy).

WandaVision Easter Eggs, References, and Cameos - Grim Reaper

The Posters

There is also a poster for “Bova Milk”. In the comics, Bova is a super-evolved cow who was the midwife who helped deliver Pietro and Wanda.

Another poster mentions Auntie A, which could be referencing the Marvel Comics version of Agatha Harkness, a witch with a long history with Scarlett Witch.

A third, and the most obscured poster, looks like it could say “Wonder Twins” which could, of course, be referring to Pietro and Wanda, Wanda and Vision’s twins, but is perhaps covered as the Wonder Twins are actually DC Comics super-powered siblings.


One of the most subtle references in the opening animated sequence is “a-57” on the water cooler. This is a reference to Avengers #57, which was the original comic book debut of The Vision.

I Love Lucy

After plenty of nods in the first episode, WandaVision embraces the I Love Lucy homage wholeheartedly at the start of the second episode. Due to tv censorship in the 1950s, Lucy and Ricky had to be shown in two separate single beds when in their bedroom. In the second episode, Wanda and Vision mimic Lucy and Ricky (until Wanda makes some changes).

The Mind Stone

The design on Vision’s magic trick cabinet mirrors the Mind Stone that powers him. How exactly the Mind Stone is back with Vision, and how Vision himself is once again alive remains unclear, but the importance of the Mind Stone is prominent throughout.

WandaVision Easter Eggs, References, and Cameos - Mind Stone Magic

The Helicopter

The episode features a few splashes of colour despite the mostly black and white theme, one is some blood, but the most prominent is a toy helicopter. The colours are an Iron Man red and gold but features a S.W.O.R.D logo. Shortly after the helicopter arrives a new neighbour, Geraldine, does too. Geraldine is played by Teyonah Parris who is supposedly playing an adult Monica Rambeau, who is the young girl first seen in Captain Marvel (and will apparently play a key role in its sequel).

WandaVision Easter Eggs, References, and Cameos - Helicopter

Strücker and HYDRA

The commercial break in the second episode is for a fictional watch called “Strücker”, and features a HYDRA logo. Strucker is a reference to the HYDRA scientist Baron Von Strucker, who was briefly seen at the beginning of Avengers: Age of Ultron as the person responsible for giving Pietro and Wanda their powers from Loki’s Sceptre (which contained the Mind Stone).

WandaVision Easter Eggs, References, and Cameos - Strucker Watch

Ultron’s Sokovian Fortress

Hitting home the Age of Ultron connections, even more, is a picture on the wall of Vision and Wanda’s house that appears to be the Sokovian fortress that Ultron uses as a base in the second Avengers movie.

WandaVision Easter Eggs, References, and Cameos - Ultron's Fortress

Glamor and Illusion

Wanda and Vision’s stage magician names are Glamour and Illusion, referencing the Marvel Comics characters of the same name, who were a married couple that was also a magical double act.

WandaVision Easter Eggs, References, and Cameos - Glamour and Illusion

The Beekeeper Suit

The episode ends with a mysterious shot of someone in a beekeeper suit emerging from a drain, surrounded by a swarm of bees. The back of the suit has the S.W.O.R.D logo once again, but the suit itself seems much more reminiscent of the comic book A.I.M henchman suit.

Episode 3 – Now in Color

The Brady Bunch

Continuing the sweep through tv’s biggest shows and genres the third episode of WandaVision homages the Brady Bunch. Everything from the intro, to the seventies clothing, and the latest version of Wanda and Vision’s house feels perfectly seventies and very Brady Bunch.

The Fruit

With Wanda suddenly pregnant, the Doctor patronisingly explains the baby sizes in comparison to various fruits (as he thinks it will make it easier for Wanda to understand). As Wanda goes through all of the stages of pregnancy within a matter of hours, she can be seen eating the corresponding fruit to the babies approximate size.

WandaVision Easter Eggs, References, and Cameos - Fruit

Glamorous Magazine

Wanda can once again be seen reading Glamourous magazine, except this time the model on the front is wearing a costume that seems to be a nod to the classic comic book Scarlet Witch costume.

Vision and the Scarlet Witch #1

As Wanda goes into labour her powers wreak havoc across the house (and surrounding area). In response to the apparent attack, Wanda and Vision strike an action pose that is taken straight from the cover of Vision and the Scarlet Witch #1.


Wanda’s new friend Geraldine makes another appearance and brings with her several nods. As fans know Teyonah Parris’ character is calling herself Geraldine but is supposedly Monica Rambeau. Here she is wording an outfit that brings to mind Monica Rambeau’s Photon costume from the comics.

Geraldine also mentions that she works for an ad agency, which could refer to the ad breaks in WandaVison appearing to be part of reality breaking through, or a real world nod to Teyonah Parris’ role on Mad Men, where she works for the ad agency Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce.

Pietro and Ultron

But the biggest reference from the Geraldine scenes is the mention of Wanda’s brother Pietro (aka Quicksilver), getting his first name drop in the MCU in a long time, and the fact that he was killed by Ultron. This leads to Wanda seemingly kicking Geraldine out of the sitcom world, where she is immediately surrounded by armed men at a facility that appears to be just outside of where Wanda is being kept.

The S.W.O.R.D Pendant

Geraldine is wearing a S.W.O.R.D pendant. That coupled with her arrival shortly after the helicopter adorned with the S.W.O.R.D logo in the previous episodes implies she is connected to or working with the organisation in some way. But the way she is surrounded by troops at the end of the episode implies that those people aren’t with her.

So perhaps someone else has Wanda, and S.W.O.R.D is trying to get her back, there are opposing factions within the organisation, Geraldine is working for someone else or one of any number of intriguing possibilities.

WandaVision Easter Eggs, References, and Cameos - S.W.O.R.D Pendant

Agnes and Herb

The cracks are really starting to show in the world Wanda and Vision are in, with both Agnes and Herb acting suspiciously, almost glitching out (Westworld style), and obviously hiding something.

Agnes is wearing a broach with three witches, this contrasts with Geraldine’s S.W.O.R.D pendant – kind of, I think, but I’m not totally sure how or what it means… yet.

WandaVision Easter Eggs, References, and Cameos - Agnes and Herb

Hydra Soak

This weeks ad break is for “Hydra Soak” a bath product that lets the user “find the goddess within”. This is the most intriguing ad break so far, as it seems less of an obscure cutaway with a clear reference like Stark and Strucker in the previous ones, and more like it’s telling us something that we can’t quite understand yet.

It could be referring to Agents of Shield, where the resurrected Agent Phil Coulson mentioned a blue soap HYDRA had tampered with to affect people’s memories.

WandaVision Easter Eggs, References, and Cameos - HYDRA Soak

Episode 4 – We Interrupt This Program

The Blip

The episode opens with another look at “the blip”, the return of everyone who was “snapped” away by Thanos five years earlier (at the end of Avengers: Infinity War). Here we learn that the character we have so far known as “Geraldine” is (as casting had already announced) Monica Rambeau from Captain Marvel, that she was snapped, and that her mother, Maria, is dead.

Captain Marvel

As Monica comes back from the blip, one of the soundbites is Captain Marvel calling her “Lieutenant Trouble”, a line taken directly from the Captian Marvel movie.


We get another nod to Monica’s future superhero identity as Photon, with the reminder that her mother’s pilot callsign was “Photon”. In Captain Marvel, we also learned that Carol Danvers callsign was “Avenger”, which is what inspired Nick Fury to call it The “Avengers” initiative.


One of the most interesting parts (of a very, very interesting episode) is how it just fully jumps into

S.W.O.R.D. After a few teases so far, the fourth episode goes straight to S.W.O.R.D headquarters without any real explanation, showing that the organisation is a fully established thing in the MCU. So much so that Jimmy Woo, an FBI agent knew to contact them, we’ve just never heard of it. We also learn that Monica’s mother Maria was the founder and before her death the director of the organisation.

As S.W.O.R.D looks after “Sentient Weapons”, and Wanda is presumably classed as one, Captain Marvel, another human given powers by an Infinity Stone would probably be classified in the same way. Maria’s connection to Captain Marvel is likely why she was so involved with S.W.O.R.D.

Jimmy Woo

Randall Park’s FBI agent Jimmy Woo returns after his debut in Ant-Man and the Wasp.

We see that after his fascination with Scott Lang (aka Ant-Man)’s magic tricks in the second Ant-Man movie, Jimmy woo has perfected his own card tricks, making his business card appear seemingly from nowhere. In the comics, Jimmy Woo, goes from an FBI to S.H.I.E.L.D agent, so perhaps in the MCU he becomes an agent of S.W.O.R.D instead.


The Sheriff from “Eastview” doesn’t know, or can no longer see or remember Westview. He, despite being in front of the town and next to a giant sign for it, refuses to admit that Westview is a place. Although this doesn’t explain too much, it does split people into two groups, people who know Westview exists or should exist, and those who no longer remember it.

Missing Person

The reason Jimmy Woo is investigating Westview is that someone who is in the witness protection program is currently in Westview, and now that they have been absorbed into the time-shifting world inside, no one on the outside (other than Jimmy apparently) has ever heard of them. The only thing we know is that they are a “he”.

The Helicopter

As suspected, we see that the helicopter that appeared just before Geraldine/Monica did in the second episode was a S.W.O.R.D drone that Monica was attempting to gather information with. Shortly after the drone went into the bubble of Westview, Monica did as well.

Darcy Lewis

Kat Denning’s Darcy Lewis returns to the MCU for the first time since 2013’s Thor: The Dark World, and she hasn’t changed at all (thank god). She is brought in by S.W.O.R.D as a specialist and is the one who quickly discovers the tv signal being sent out from Westview.  Darcy, in a way only she could manage, then takes the lead on surveilling Wanda and Westview.

Beekeeper Suit

Similar to the helicopter, we see that the man in the S.W.O.R.D branded beekeeper suit at the end of the second episode was sent in in a more modern hazmat suit, that thanks to the genre/time filter inside of Westview changed its appearance as he crossed the barrier.

True Identities

During the S.W.O.R.D investigation into Westview we learn that most of the people we have met so far are residents of the town, but with real names and lives that have been changed for the tv show.

In fact, we get real names and identities for almost every one of the key supporting characters so far, with the very notable exceptions of Kathryn Hahn’s Agnes and Emma Caulfield’s Dottie.


On Jimmy’s whiteboard is a brief mention of Skrulls, who look to be a taking a bigger role in the MCU moving forward, following their debut in Captain Marvel (alongside Monica Rambeau).

The Radio

The fourth episode also shows the reverse side of the radio scene from the second episode. In that episode, the radio broke through into Westview and appeared to be directly speaking to Wanda, from somewhere else. We now know that is was Jimmy Woo and Darcy trying to communicate with Wanda and find out what was happening.

No Commercial

There was no commercial break in the fourth episode as most of it took place in the real (or real for the MCU) world. But I do think it is notable, that the one time we saw an ad break on one of the tv’s Darcy appeared to not be paying full attention to it.

Vision’s Head

In a truly harrowing shot towards the end of the fourth episode we see Vision but as we last saw him in Avengers: Infinity War, black and white, with the mind stone ripped from his head (thanks to Thanos).

The scene is disturbing enough, but almost more upsetting is the subtle moment of shock, followed by an equally subtle moment of Wanda gathering herself and continuing in the charade. Almost as if this isn’t the first time she has seen him like this, and that the veil (at least for her) of the real world is breaking through more than we as the viewer has seen.

It’s all Wanda

In a not really surprising, and I’m sure there is more to it, moment. Monica reveals, at the end of the episode (as it catches up to the end of the previous episode), that the whole illusion of Westview is “Wanda”. This confirms much of what fans have suspected, and all but cements the House of M adaptation, which saw Wanda suffer a mental breakdown, and recreate reality after the loss of her children.

Episode 5 – On A Very Special Episode…

The 80s

As WandaVison continues its journey through tv history, episode five’s intro sequence brings the show firmly into the 80s. The opening sequence shows off elements of Growing Pains and Family Ties, in particular with the black and white image being coloured in, which is the most obvious Family Ties homage.

Wanda’s Parents

The fifth episode reveals the names of Wanda and Pietro Maximoff’s parents, Oleg and Irina. Although not too much else is revealed, this continues the show’s trend of hinting at and revealing more of Wanda’s origins.

The Hex

This episode addresses that Wanda doesn’t have a superhero name in the MCU, and also notes the hexagonal pattern that shows up all over Westview, and that the barrier of the illusion on WestView is in the shape of a hexagon. Darcy then names the mysterious event “The Hex” (similar to “The Snap” and “The Blip”). The idea of Wanda being responsible for “the Hex’ could lead to her comic book name, Scarlet Witch, making its way to the MCU.

The Accent

Wanda’s accent has varied throughout her on-screen appearances in the MCU, becoming more American as she spends more time in the US, with the Avengers. In this episode, her native Sokovian accent slips through a little more than usual, as she loses her temper, and perhaps control.

Monica’s Test Results

Monica’s blood work retunes some strange results after leaving the Hex. It’s unclear whether her exposure to Captain Marvel, something that happened already that we haven’t seen, or passing in and out of the Hex caused this (or if it’s a combination of all of them). But it appears that Monica is well on her way to becoming the superhero Photon.

What Happened to Vision

WandaVision’s fifth episode is filled with some huge reveals. Perhaps the biggest is that Wanda broke into a S.W.O.R.D facility and stole Vision’s remains, days before the Westview anomaly aka “The Hex” began.


The WandaVision family get a dog in “On A Very Special Episode…”, and name it Sparky. In the Tom King Vision comics run, the Vision family also have a dog named Sparky.

House of M

As Vision is reading a newspaper he folds it so that the headline “Local Homemakers Innovating Recipes” instead says “HOM”, another hint at the comics storyline House of M, that sees Wanda rewrite reality and create her own children. Admittedly it also says “ating” underneath, so this one cloud be reaching.


The ad-break for the fifth episode is for “Lagos” paper towels. Lagos is the place at the beginning of Captain America: Civil War, where Wanda accidentally blew up the Wakandan embassy and helped spark much of the conflict between Captain America and Iron Man.

Captain Marvel

In a scene that almost breaks the fourth wall, Darcy and Jimmy Woo debate who the strongest Avenger is, and whether it was Wanda or Captain Marvel who would have taken down Thanos. At the mention of Captain Marvel, Monica looks annoyed. It’s unclear exactly why, or what has happened between the two characters since the end of the first Captain Marvel movie, but it appears there will be at least some tension going into the second Captain Marvel movie (which will also feature Monica Rambeau).

The Magneto Moment

As Wanda leaves The Hex and confronts the S.W.O.R.D agents outside, seemingly confirming she is in control, she turns the various agents against S.W.O.R.D director Tyler Howard. This scene is very reminiscent of the multiple Magneto scenes from the X-Men movies that shows Magneto turn the guns or bullets against their users.


The ongoing mystery of Agness’ role continues, but a notable point in this episode was how interested she was at the idea that Wanda could bring people back from the dead. Obviously, that is an idea that would interest just about everybody, but there was something else to her reaction, where she almost broke character when enquiring.

The Aerospace Engineer

Monica mentions contacting an aerospace engineer who can help. This could be the “Luke Skywalker” level cameo we have been teased about, and could possibly be introducing us to the MCU version of Reed Richards aka Mr Fantastic.

Pietro Maximoff

(Owen Wilson voice) Wow.

The episode ends with the, much theorised, bombshell of Pietro’s return to the MCU. Except, this time he isn’t played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson, instead he is Evan Peters. Although to some this could be a simple recasting (as is mentioned by Darcy at the end of the episode), the interesting, multiverse introducing, mind-bending part of it all, is that Evan Peters is most notably the Fox X-Men movie version of Quicksilver, who appeared in X-Men: Days of Future Past, Apocalypse and Dark Phoenix.

Whether this is the beginnings of the walls between the multiverse breaking down, or perhaps something else like the much rumoured Mephisto, played by Peters, pretending to be Pietro, or something else, is unclear, but it’s insanely intriguing and at the very least a cool real-world nod at the two live-action on-screen versions of Quicksilver.

Someone Else Sent Him

Hinting at someone else being behind The Hex, or at least manipulating Wanda, was that the appearance (and change) of Pietro was one of the first instances of a big change that didn’t appear to be Wanda, instead, it almost seemed as if Pietro was sent to distract her and keep her happy, much like she has done to Vision throughout the series so far.

Episode 6 – All-New Halloween Spooktacular!

Malcolm in the Middle

This episode’s intro and structure follows the early 2000’s show Malcolm in the Middle, with the twins echoing Malcolm’s fourth-wall-breaking while he talks directly to the audience about his family.

Classic Comic Book Costumes

As seen in the trailers for WandaVision, the sixth episode uses the Halloween theme to get its cast into some classic comic book accurate costumes. This includes Wanda, Vision, and Pietro.


In what may be the best easter egg of the entire show, Wanda says “Kick-Ass”, and if that doesn’t sound like a huge deal, trust me she really makes a point of it. But this of course refers to the movie Kick-Ass which, starred original Pietro actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson as the main character, and the Fox X-Men movies, and new Pietro actor, Evan Peters as best friends.

“It’s not like your dead husband can die twice”

As Wanda’s confusion and suspicion surrounding the new Pietro increases, the final straw is when he says “It’s not like your dead husband can die twice”. This of course is exactly what happened in Avengers: Infinity War, and the last time Wanda saw Vision before the show. There Wanda killed him, only for Thanos to reverse time and do it again himself.

I Feel The Need For Speed

Nailing the 1980s theme, even more, is Pietro and Tommy, saying “I feel the need for speed”, one of the most iconic lines from one of the most iconic 80s movies, Top Gun.

MoM tattoo

Pietro has an “MoM” tattoo, which could of course just show that Pietro really loved Momma Maximoff (but apparently didn’t care enough about Papa Maximoff), but could (if I stretch it) be a nod to “Multiverse of Madness”, the second Doctor Strange movie that will star Scarlett Witch.

Yo Magic Ad

In what may be the creepiest Ad break yet, this weeks commercial is for “snacking on Yo Magic”, and shows a stop motion kid, turning into a skeleton. The ad brings to mind that someone else is “snacking” on Wanda’s powers, further hinting at someone other than Wanda being in control.

The Coronet Theatre

The movie theatre in the middle of WestView is named the Coronet, which is likely a reference to the poem, “The Coronet”, written by poet, Andrew Marvell.

The movies playing at the theatre are The Incredibles and The Parent Trap. The Incredibles is another movie about super-powered beings trying to live a normal life in the suburbs, and the Parent Trap is both about separated twins and could refer to Vision (and all of the other parents in WestView) being trapped.


In the episode, Agnes seemingly gets even closer to becoming the comic book character Agatha Harkness, in her Halloween Witch costume, and a very wicked Witch of the West laugh.

The Avengers?

In an interesting moment that shows how altered Vision really is in the show, he doesn’t appear to remember the Avengers at all when Agatha mentions them.

Monica’s DNA

Darcy explains that Monica can’t go back into the Hex because it has already altered her DNA and that they don’t know how another trip could affect her. Does this mean that the Hex is what caused her powers, or is it a combination of the Hex and something to do with her connection/exposure to Captain Marvel. If it is soley due to the hex, will others inside the Hex also be affected with powers?

Episode 7 – Breaking the Fourth Wall

Happy Endings

Although many have cited the intro as a nod to The Office, which it could be, it is definitely a nod to the Happy Endings intro sequence, which also features a series of signs saying “Happy”, just like WandaVision does with “Wanda”.

Modern Family

The intro ends with the WandaVision logo looking almost exactly like the Modern Family scene at the end of the credits. From there, this epode’s Wanda is clearly a reference to Claire Dunphy from the show.

Stan Lee’s Birthday

The opening credits also feature a literally blink and you’ll miss it nod to Stan Lee’s birthday. One of the images is a licence plate that features the number 122822, which is Stan Lee’s birthday; the 28th of December, 1922. Lee is of course famous the world over for his contributions to Marvel comics, but owning in on his connection to WandaVision he co-created Wanda and Pietro, and Agatha Harkness.

Game Consoles

As reality starts to break down, and carious objects flash through the different generations we’ve seen so far. The Nintendo Wii controllers that the twins are playing with, turn into GameCube controllers, and then into Atari 2600 controllers.

Sugar Snaps

The cereal Wanda eats is called “Sugar Snaps”, a nod to Thanos’ “Snap” in Avengers: Infinity War.

The Nexus

This weeks advert is in the style of an anti-depressant commercial, with Nexus Pills, referring to altering your reality, and being the centre of the world. But where this becomes extremely interesting is that “The Nexus” is a magical area in the Marvel comics universe that leads to other dimensions. “Nexus Beings” are people that can alter the pathways, and massively affect different dimensions and realities.

In a possible connection to the upcoming Disney Plus Loki series, Nexus Beings are monitored by the TVA, the Time Variance Authority, who will feature heavily in the Loki series. It also appears that in the episode, Wanda might be taking some of the Nexus pills.

Monica’s Powers

After several hints so far, Monica’s powers come into full fruition as she forces her way back into the Hex. It is still unclear where exactly her powers come from, and if they are solely due to the Hex. The scene as she breaks through the barrier of the Hex, also features some more lines of dialogue form Monica Rambeau.

Agnes IS Agatha

The episode finally, and amazingly, reveals that Agatha is, as we all suspected Agatha Harkness. After the reveal, the show kicks into a Munsters style theme tune, showing the various times Agatha has intervened in the show so far. Furthering the Wicked Witch of the West reference from the Halloween episode, her killing Sparky, feels very “I’ll get you, my pretty, and your little dog too!”

The Darkhold

When Wanda goes into Agnes/Agatha’s basement, one-shot lingers on a book flowing with orange magic, matching neither Wanda’s scarlet powers nor Agatha’s purple magic. This could be a version of the Darkhold, a dark magic book from the comics. It doesn’t match the version of the book seen in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and Runaways, but those shows are being pushed further and further away from the MCU, and this could be dealing with Multiverse elements anyway.

The Post Credits Scene

Episode seven of nine (which isn’t an obscure Star Trek reference), is the first of the episode of the show to feature the classic MCU post-credits scene. This time it shows Monica trying to get into Agatha’s house, being discovered by Pietro.

Episode 8 – Previously On

The Purple Logo

Signifying a very different episode, one where Agatha Harkness has control over Wanda, the opening Marvel Studios logo switches from the traditional red to purple.

The Salem Witch Trials

The eighth episode of WandaVision opens with a new take on the Salem Witch trials. In the comics, Agatha survived the Salem Witch Trials, and in some storylines was responsible for instigating the trails herself. In the MCU version of Agatha’s backstory the 1693 witch trial involves other witches putting Agatha on trial for seeking too much power.

The Blue Witch

When unleashing her full power against Agatha, Agatha’s mother momentarily has a blue version of the Scarlet Witch crown appear on her head.

The Broach

Agatha takes the broach with three witches on it form her mother’s body. Agatha/Agness has been wearing the broach throughout the season, irregardless of the era and setting of each episode.

“that accent really comes and goes, doesn’t it?”

As Wanda gets angry and her Sokovian accent slips through once again, Agatha jokes “that accent really comes and goes, doesn’t it?”. This doubles as a real-world nod to Elizabeth Olsen’s accent, or lack of, changing from movie to movie. Similarly, Agatha also notes “so many costumes and hairstyles”, which links with both WandaVision’s many styles and costume changes, but also Wanda’s various MCU costumes, hairstyles and colours.

The TV Influences

In the first flashback, to Wanda’s childhood in Sokovia with her parents, we learn that Wanda and Pietro’s father, Oleg, sold VHS tapes. The videos he has are the ones that have influenced Wanda’s trip through tv history, and include I Love Lucy, Bewitched, Malcolm in the Middle, the Adams Family, and the Dick Van Dyke show.

The Stark Missile

The flashback to Wanda and Pietro’s childhood turns from a wholesome family scene into the tragic moment that the Maximoffs are killed. The trip down unpleasant memory lane not only reveals that Wanda’s powers predated Hydra’s experimentation but also shows the scene where Wanda and Pietro were trapped under debris staring at a Stark Missile. This is what led to their hatred of Tony Stark and why they volunteered to work with Hydra, as seen in Avengers: Age of Ultron. The missile is beeping and has a red flashing light, which could also been seen on the Stark toaster in the first episode’s ad break.

Loki’s Sceptre

During the second flashback, which shows Hydra’s experimentation on Wanda, we see the scene where the Mind Stone activates Wanda’s powers. Here Hydra is using Loki’s sceptre from the first Avengers movie – which contains the Mind Stone.

THE Scarlet Witch

When Wanda connects with the Mind Stone, she sees a vision of herself as the Scarlet Witch, in a truly comic book accurate costume.

Wanda Finding Vision’s Body

The scene where Wanda finds Vision’s dismembered body at S.W.O.R.D headquarters pays homage to a similar scene in West Coast Avengers #43 and #44.


After a licence plate during the intro of the previous episode referred to Stan Lee’s birthday, this episode shows Wanda’s own license plate, which says Stan Lee’s famous catchphrase “Excelsior”.

The People of Westview

As Wanda arrives in Westview, she passes various people we’ve come to know over the course of the series with hints at the hobs Wanda gives them in her various realities. Wanda sees Harold who is putting up a sign for Piano Lessons, which led to him playing paint during the talent show, and the man we’ve seen multiple times as the Westview Postman can be seen delivering food.

Thanos’ Snap and Lagos

After the ‘Sugar Snaps’ reference to Thanos’ Infinity Gauntlet snap in the last episode, the ‘Snap” gets another nod in episode eight. As Westview turns from colour to black and white the billboard can be seen turning into an ad that mentions “Snap” and Lagos (the place from the beginning of Captain America: Civil War).

Very Appropriate Movies

As the Coronet theatre is turned into a 1950s theatre, the two movies playing are “Kidnapped” and “Big Red”, both have some not so subtle references to Vision.

The Name

Agatha reveals that Wanda, a person who can spontaneously create magic is supposed to be a myth, and that myth comes with a name, The Scarlett Witch. This is the first time Wanda’s comic book superhero name has been used in the MCU.

No More Standing By

As the episode ends, for the first time in the series, the credits don’t begin with a “Please Stand By”, implying that the show, at least the in-universe show Wanda has been broadcasting, is over.

The New Vision

The all-white Vision revealed in the post-credits episode, looks to take its influence from West Coast Avengers #45, in which a resurrected Vision with an all-white appearance, returns, but without his personality, emotions, or memories of Wanda.

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WandaVision Easter Eggs, References, and Cameos