Deadpool 2: The Best Easter Eggs, References, and Cameos

Deadpool 2 was always going to be crammed full of all kinds of easter eggs, references, cameos, and fourth wall breaks. And they of course start almost straight away, from bringing up movies such as Interview With a Vampire, Frozen, and Star Wars, to the more obscure references such as Taylor Swift’s cats, Christopher Plummer maybe replacing one of the Deadpool 2 cast, and even a Les Misérables reference here is our picks for the top twenty five easter eggs, references, and cameos.

25. The James Bond Style Credit Sequence:

One of Deadpool 2’s earliest gags comes in the form of a James Bond styled credit sequence, but with all of the parts played by Deadpool. Where a 007 credits scene would have a lot of guns, vague allusions to the movie and it’s villain all brought together with shots of (usually) naked women, here Deadpool mimics this perfectly posing dancing around, and actually bending over at one point. The sequence also manages to break the fourth wall (a lot), reference John Wick, and parody Flashdance.

24. Frozen:

Disney’s 2013 hit Frozen was a worldwide sensation, with a number of it’s songs making it into the charts. Deadpan 2 refers to the movie a number of times namely when pointing out that, “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?”, sounded remarkably similar to the song “Papa Can You Hear Me?” from Yentl. As many of the jokes in Deadpool 2 have, the Frozen/Yentl joke as a deer meaning, with Yentil’s star Barbara Streisand being Cable actor Josh Brolin’s step mother in real life.

23. Star Wars:

Star Wars got a couple of mentions in the first Deadpool movie, which we see even more of here, ranging from Deadpool getting the plot of A New Hope very wrong, and to him being sure he sees Luke and Leia sleep together at some point.

22. Deadpool’s Other Costumes:

Deadpool’s movie suit is a prefect realisation of his most recognisable comic book outfit, but he has had a number of others over the years that we get hints at in Deadpool 2. The first is his X-Men trainee shirt that he wears over the top of his regular outfit, the design and colour scheme are a clear reference to the outfit he wore when he joined up with he X-Men. We also get a glimpse of his White costume, from when he joined the X-Force, when the Russell shoots fire at Deadpool and his red suit gets a little burned, looking almost grey, or even white.

21. Taylor Swift’s Cats:

After Deadpool is taken to the X-Mansion we see him recovering from his attempted suicide, and whilst he does he’s wearing a t-shirt with pictures of two cats on it. Although this may seem like some odd shirt DEadpool would own, or even something Colossus borrowed from a student in the mansion, if you look colossally enough you can see the cats are actually Meredith and Olivia, Taylor Swift’s cats. Not only are Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively pretty good friends with Taylor Swift in real life, but the design of the shirt is very similar to one Ryan Reynolds wears as Van Wilder in National Lampoon’s Van Wilder.

20. The Stan Lee Cameo:

Stan Lee, the famed creator of characters such as Spider-Man Hulk, Doctor Strange Black Panther and Daredevil, has shown up in almost every Marvel movie, with his cameo in the first Deadpool being one of his best (the announcer in the strip club). We don’t get a glimpse of him in person in Deadpool 2 (although he is in one of the trailers) but there is a giant version of his face in graffiti on the side of a building that we see whilst Deadpool and Domino are trying to stop Cable.

19. “The Cure for Blindness”:

Towards the end of the first Deadpool movie Wade tells his roommate, ‘Blind Al’, that he’d “buried 1600 kilos of cocaine somewhere in the apartment, right next to the cure for blindness”. In that movie it seems like a funny throw away line referring to Al’s prior drug habits, but in Deadpool 2 we see Wade go back to his old apartment and grabs the cocaine, only for it to be next to a package marked “cure for blindness”.

18. The MCU:

Even though large number of the superhero movies Deadpool references are DC movies (which you’d perhaps expect) there are a fair amount aimed at the Marvel movies (namely the MCU) as well, showing off Wade’s equal discrimination for all superhero movie-verses no matter who owns them. One of the earliest ones comes when a de-powered Wade explains that without his weapons or powers, he’s basically “Hawkeye without the bow and arrow”, poking fun at the (arguably) least useful Avenger.

Deadpool makes another Marvel/MCU shoutout when he refers to Natasha Romanova (aka Natasha Romanoff)’s alter ego Black Widow, by calling Domino ‘Black Black Widow’. Similarly Deadpool calls Dopinder (the cab driver from the first movie who now yearns to be a hit man) ‘Brown Panther’, referring to the Marvel superhero Black Panther. The Winter Soldier gets more than one mention in Deadpool 2, with the most obvious being when Wade literally calls Cable ‘Winter Soldier” and a more comical one coming when Deadpool asks Cable when audiences get sick of CGI metal arms.

17. The Creators:

Deadpool 2 director David Leitch shows up as one of the (many) people Cable kills during his attack on the mutant convoy, and Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese, the writers of the movie play a helicopter pilot and cameraman. We also get a great reference to Rob Liefeld the co creator of Deadpool, Cable, and Domino when Deadpool finally sees Domino’s powers in action, stating that she must be the creation of someone that “probably can’t draw feet”, referring to Liefeld’s infamous struggles with drawing anatomy.

Some of the more subtle references include Deadpool explaining that the convoy carrying Russell will be headed down “the Duggan Parkway”, referring to Deadpool writer Gerry Duggan, and during the movies opening where Deadpool says he’s getting a call from “Gail”, referencing the Deadpool (and now Domino) writer.

16. One Eyed Willy:

The opening fight between Cable and Deadpool is crammed full of easter eggs and references, with one of the best being Deadpool calling Cable “One Eyed Willy”. Some fans might think is just Deadpool making fun of Cable for only having one eye (which it of course is), but Goonies fans will know that One Eyed Wily was the treasure hording pirate from the 1985 film. This has some extra meaning when we think back to Goonies, where Cable actor Josh Brolin played Brand. Also, in the scene where Cable and Deadpool finally agree to team up, Deadpool’s shirt is a a pretty exact replica of Chunk’s from Goonies.


15. The Darkness of the DC Universe:

In the first Deadpool movie we saw a number of jabs aimed at DC mainly focussing on Ryan Reynold’s past efforts as a superhero in 2011’s Green Lantern. In the sequel Wade continues his fourth wall breaking DC references where Wade points out that Cable is “so dark” and asks him if he’s sure he isn’t “from the DC Universe”.

14. The Vanisher:

The Vanisher was a member of the X-Force we hadn’t seen (no pun intended) in any of the marketing, although you could argue he was possibly in all of it, and made for some great jokes throughout the movie. The best of these however was the split second shot of actually seeing him, and revealing that he was played by none other than Brad Pitt. The cameo has some extra meaning to it, considering Brad Pitt was one of the front runners to play Cable, but had to drop out due to scheduling issues leaving Josh Brolin to get the role (Pitt also stars in Interview With a Vampire which is mentioned multiple times throughout the movie).

13. Thanos:

Josh Brolin is known to be an extremely impressive character actor, with Cable being just the latest  of his comic book roles. He of course featured in the (very unsuccessful) Jonah Hex movie in 2010, but most notably stars in Avengers: Infinity War as Thanos (which debuted only a few weeks before Deadpool 2). This reference we’d already seen in the trailers, although it was an edited version there, and has Wade directly call Cable ‘Thanos’.

12. Terminator:

There are obviously a fair amount of similarities between Cable and Terminator just on a story basis; they both come back from the future, are part/fully robotic, are muscular bad asses, and have come back to kill someone based on what they’ll do in the future. The Deadpool 2 creative team decided to make the comparison a little more obvious and have Cable robs some rednecks when he arrives from the future, just like Arnold Schwarzenegger’s T-800 does in nearly every movie.

The references continue with the way Cable reloads his gun in the prison breakout, evoking Terminator 2 with the T-800 on the bike, and when Wade calls Cable ‘John Connor’ during one of their fights, perhaps referring to the latest Terminator movie where John Connor came back in time as a Terminator.

11. “Martha”:

Another DC reference comes in pretty early on in the movie, in the form of a ‘Martha’ joke. In an attempt to explain to Vanessa why he was late, Deadpool claims to of been fighting a ‘caped badass’ who’s mother was also called Martha, referring of course to the conclusion of the fight between Superman and Batman in 2016’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

10. “I’m Batman”:

Shortly after Cable and Deadpool meet (and start fighting) we see Cable ask who Wade is, to which Wade responds (in a gruff voice) “I’m Batman”.

9. Prisoner 24601:

Most superhero movies are known for placing extremely small (and very clever) easter eggs in some of the most obscure places, Deadpool 2 continues this trend by having Russell’s prisoner number have a much deeper, and funnier meaning. The number is actually 24601 which the most eagle eyed of fans would recognise as Jean Valjean, Hugh Jackman’s character, prisoner number in 2012’s movie adaptation of Les Misérables.

8. Recasting Weasel:

After a number of allegations arose aimed at Kevin Spacey committing a number of sexual offences throughout his career he was fired from Netflix’s House of Cards, and Ridely Scott had to find a way to completely cut him out of his very nearly finished movie ‘All the Money in the World’. he did this by reshooting all of Spacey’s scenes with Christopher Plummer taking over the role.

TJ Miller, who played Weasel in the first Deadpool movie, also received a similar series of accusations, having also been committed number of sexual offences over the years. In the last year Miller has spiralled even more, being fired from his hit slow Silicon Valley, and even being arrested by the FBI for calling in a fake bomb threat.

The creative team behind Deadpool 2 announced Miller would remain in the movie as it was too late to take him out, but it does seem they cut out a decent part of his storyline, and almost turned him into more of a bad guy. The joke here comes with the idea that Deadpool 2 attempted to get Christopher Plummer to replace TJ Miller (i.e another actor who’s been accused of sexual misconduct), we see in a news craw that Plummer had ‘respectfully’ turned down a role in Deadpool 2.

7. “the sun’s getting real low’:

In what is by far the best (and maybe most subtle) MCU reference we hear Deadpool try to calm down Juggernaut by saying “the sun’s getting real low”. In what may be a random line to some viewers, fans of the MCU know it as the line Black Widow says to Hulk to get him to calm down and turn back into Bruce Banner, from the second Avengers movie onwards. The line was also parodied in the MCU itself, during Taika Waititi’s Thor Ragnarok, with Thor saying it to both Hulk and Bruce Banner a number of times.

6. Raiders of the Lost Arc:

Indiana Jones is one of the most popular and influential franchises of all time, and has been parodied, homaged and referenced in countless times on screen. Deadpool 2 adds itself as the latest to do so with a involving Deadpool running away from a  crowd of chasing bad guys, coming directly at the camera. The scene is a clear homage to pretty much the exact same thing happening to Indy in Raiders of the Lost Ark.

5. “Going Full Winnie the Pooh”:

Following Deadpool being literally ripped in half the resulting scene in which Deadpool’s legs are growing back is a clear standout as one of the best. The scene which shows Deadpool in Chunk’s Goonies shirt pokes fun at Basic Instinct with Deadpool opening and closing his legs (despite the protests of nearly everyone in the room), with Weasel even pointing out that “it’s Basic Instinct”. The scene also refers to Deadpool’s shirt only look as “going full Winnie the Pooh”, referring to bear’s signature style.

4. Matt Damon, ‘Dickie Greenleaf’ and the Talent Mr Ripley:

We knew going in that Deadpool 2 had a few ‘A-List’ celebrity cameos, but who they were and what role they’d have remained a mystery. Even after watching the movie, there is one in particular that you probably wouldn’t be able to name straight away.

The scene in question is right when Cable arrives from the future, and steals the car and beer from the two guys. One them is clearly Alan Tudyk, but the other one, who gets considerably more dialogue, is a litter harder to work out. Although the credits cite the actor playing Dickie Greenleaf we now know that the actual actor is Matt Damon. To make the reference/cameo that much cooler Dickie Greenleaf is actually the name of Jude Law’s character in The Talented Mr Ripley, who Matt Damon’s character steals the identity of.

3. The Other X-Men:

After the first Deadpool movie makes a joke about Colossus and Megasonic Teenage Warhead being the only X-Men we see (with actually saying “It’s almost like it’s all the studio could afford), he makes a similar joke in the sequel when he go’s to Professor Xavier’s mansion. The main difference this time is that we actually get a split second shot of James McAvoy’s Professor X, Tye Sheridan’s Clyclops, Evan Peters’ Quicksilver, and Nicholas Hoult’s Beast. The scene see’s the X-Men quickly shut the door to the room they’re in so that Deadpool doesn’t see them. It’s a tiny scene, and was actually filmed on the set of the latest X-Men Movie; Dark Phoenix.

There are of course a number of other references aimed at the wider X Men universe, including the Essex House for Mutant Rehabilitation being a reference to Mister Sinister (a.k.a Nathaniel Essex), Juggernaut mentioning Professor X is his brother, signs stating that ‘M Day’ is coming, and Deadpool saying the Cerebro helmet smells like Patrick Stewart.

2. Logan, Wolverine and Hugh Jackman References:

In amongst a number of references to the X-Men and Fox’s movie universe the character who gets the most attention form the Merc with a Mouth is Wolverine. We already knew about Deadpool’s budding obsession with both Wolverine and Hugh Jackman from the first movie, but here the jokes get even bigger.

In addition to the previously mentioned Prisoner 24601 reference, the movie opens with Deadpool directly talking about the plot of Logan, and trying to copy the movies success. Other mentions include the Wolverine themed cereal box one of the kids at Essex School is eating (that he then signs as ‘Ryan Reynolds’). The bullet slicing scene we saw in the trailer is also a reference to Wade Wilson’s first appearance in X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

The biggest Wolverine reference however comes when the adamantium clad mutant appears at the end of the movie, unfortunately it wasn’t a new scene and only features some reused footage from the end of X-Men Origins: Wolverine, but it works perfectly and was a great way to finally get Hugh Jackman (kind of) in a Deadpool movie.

1. Deadpool Cleaning up the Timeline:

The mid credits sequence of the movie is absolutely crucial to the storyline and involved Deadpool getting Megasonic Teenage Warhead and Yukio to fix Cable’s time traveling device, allowing Deadpool to travel in time at will. He starts off by going back and saving Vanessa (essentially undoing most of the movies motivations, but it’s Deadpool so it all works), and also saving Pete (and possible the other X-Force members too).

He then goes back in time to alter the ending of X-Men Origins: Wolverine, killing the Wade Wilson there, just before he and Wolverine have the big show down at the end of the movie (using footage from X-Men Origins: Wolverine). After this hilarious scene we see the most fourth wall breaking scene yet where Deadpool pops up behind Ryan Reynolds, who has just read the script for 2011’s Green Lantern, and shoots him saying “you’re welcome Canada”.