The Opinion Arcade Podcast Episode 8 – Pitching the Dumbest Star Wars Spin-offs

We’ve put a hold on The Opinion Arcade Podcast (for now), but all episodes are still available on YouTube, or right here on The Opinion Arcade.

In the eighth episode of The Opinion Arcade Podcast Josh and Joey come up with and pitch the weirdest Star Wars spin-offs you’ll ever hear, including a murder mystery starring Darth Vader (on a boat in the 1920s), a movie based around ‘Obi-Wan’s Iguana thing from Episode III’ in the style of Love Actually, a Sebulba one-man show (in the style of Christopher Walken), Han and Chewy running a failing paper business on Kashyyyk, and an Ace Ventura style movie starring Vader, Jar Jar, and Palpatine’s favourite pet ‘Simon’.