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As with almost every Star Wars property Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is filled with numerous references to the original trilogy, the prequels, various animated shows like Clone Wars and Rebels, the history of the Jedi and Sith, and lots more of the galaxy far, far away. Here is our list of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order’s Best Easter Eggs, References, and Cameos.

Caught in a Cable

During the game’s opening sequence, which sees the in-hiding former padawan Cal Kestis discovered by the Empire, Cal falls but gets tangled in some cables. They not only save him from a fall but also seemingly stop him from falling into what looks like a Sarlacc pit. The way Cal gets caught in the cables is extremely reminiscent of the scene in which Han Solo saves Lando Calrissian, in Return of the Jedi, also above a Sarlacc pit.

The Second Sister

The Inquisitors are a group of force-sensitive former Jedi that have been turned to the Dark side by Vader and the Emperor. Their sole purpose is to hunt down any remaining Jedi. Referred to as either ‘brother’ or ‘sister’ depending on their gender and ranked by number, the inquisitors are led by the ‘Grand Inquisitor’, a former Jedi Temple guard. The inquisitors appear in the Rebels tv series and in the Darth Vader comic books, where Vader is given control over the group shortly after Order 66.

The Second Sister was teased in Darth Vader #19, but gets some real development in Fallen Order. Once known as Trilla Suduri the padawan of Jedi Knight Cere Junda, Trilla was tortured and manipulated into becoming an Inquisitor. She shows up numerous times throughout the game and quickly becomes Cal’s key nemesis after discovering him on Bracca.

The Ninth Sister

The opening of the game sees the Second Sister accompanied by another Inquisitor, the Ninth Sister. Unlike Trilla, who was being saved for Fallen Order and only teased in the comic, the Ninth Sister plays a key supporting role in the second volume of Marvel’s Darth Vader comic. The Ninth Sister is seen accompanying Vader and even loses a limb thanks to him. She later shows up to take on Cal on Kashyyyk.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Cal vs the Ninth Sister

Obi-Wan Kenobi

After rescuing Cal from Bracca, Cere shows him a recording of the message Obi-Wan sent from the Jedi Temple immediately after Order 66. The message warned any other Jedi not to go to Coruscant after the Clone troopers had set a trap by sending a message asking everyone to return. This brief cameo from Obi-Wan sees the voice of James Arnold Taylor. Taylor voices Obi-Wan in almost everything outside of the live-action films including both the traditionally animated and CGI Clone Wars shows, other recent Star Wars video games like Battlefront II, and this same message in Star Wars Rebels.


One of Fallen Order’s key planets is Kashyyyk, the Wookie homeworld that has appeared in various Star Wars media since it’s debut in 1978’s Star Wars Holiday Special. Although after the shunning of the holiday special from the Star Wars canon the more recent appearances that still count include the Clone Wars and Rebels animated shows, and of course Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. With the reappearance of Kashyyyk in Fallen Order comes the Wookie Tarrful, a character also from Revenge of the Sith.

In Episode III Tarrful and Chewbacca are seen as key leaders of the Wookie army and friends of Yoda, and both help Yoda escape when the Clones turn on the Jedi. In the years between Order 66 and Fallen Order Kashyyyk has been enslaved and the planet itself mined for resources, something which is referenced in Solo. In the game, Cal helps push back the Empire whilst looking for Tarrful. In reality, Tarrful adds little to the story and simply tells Cal to climb the giant tree on Kashyyyk, but his inclusion as the key resistance leader on Kashyyyk five years after the Clone troopers turned on the Jedi, is another example of how the ever-expanding Star Wars universe is interconnected.

The Legacy of the Clone Wars

As the majority of the game takes place around five years after the fall of the Jedi Order the lasting impact of the Clone Wars still looms large throughout the galaxy far, far away.

There are many references to Order 66, the Jedi Purge, and the Clone Wars, as most of the main characters were caught up in those events, but on top of those references there are clone helmets and memorials, and Clone Wars technology on some of the planets Cal visits.

Additionally Cal’s ‘Force Echo’ (an ability that allows him to sense an object’s past) lets him relive parts of Clone Wars. The Clones are, like Obi-Wan, voiced by their Clone Wars and Rebels animated series (among many other projects) voice actor Dee Bradley Baker.

Order 66

In the opening sequence of the game, when Cal is following Prauf through the train a door locks behind him, but when the player hits the control button nothing happens. This leads to Cal turning around and his vision continues. But if the player instead stays and presses the button an appropriate sixty-six times, a recording of the Emperor’s infamous ‘Execute Order 66’ is played.

The Nightsisters

Originally introduced in the 1994 novel The Courtship of Princess Leia, which is now part of the Star Wars Legends timeline, the Nightsisters of Dathomir made their on-screen debut in the Clone Wars animated series. There they were portrayed as a race of female Force witches and skilled warriors. They were responsible for two of the galaxy’s most powerful Force users; Darth Maul who came from the Dathomirian male population that was controlled by the Nightsisters and Count Dooku’s assassin and secret apprentice Assajj Ventress.

Both Dathomir and the Nightsisters play a large role in Fallen Order, with the planet being one of the games main planets and the sole remaining night sister, Merrin, being a key character. This also means that Darth Maul, who long survived his cutting in half by Obi-Wan Kenobi was incorrect in saying that he was the sole survivor of the Nightsisters (unless Merrin dies between the end of Fallen Order and that conversation between Maul and Ezra in Star Wars Rebels).

The Nightbrothers and Brother Viscus

With Dathomir and the Nightsisters comes the Nightbrothers, a small colony of Zabrak males who mostly have the planet to themselves after the death of the Nightsisters. The brothers now follow Taron Malicos, the fallen Jedi Master who has a embraced the dark side. The head of the tribe (at least during the Clone Wars) Brother Viscus, gets a mention during one of Cal’s Force Echoes to Malicos’ arrival on Dathomir.

Grievous’ Attack on Dathomir

Although Merrin was just a small child during the attack on Dathomir, as depicted in the Clone Wars animated series, she remembers some key details. The attack was revenge against Assajj Ventress for her assassination attempt on her former master Count Dooku, even though that was her revenge for Dooku’s attack and betrayal before that. In the end, Dooku sends a legion of droids and General Grievous to attack Ventress and the Nightsisters on Dathomir.

Despite being powerful with their own ‘magick’ and skilled warriors the droids succeed killing all of the Nightsisters except Ventress (and Merrin) and nearly killing the Nightsister leader Mother Talzin, although she manages to escape by turning into a green mist (only to be killed by a joint effort from Dooku, Grievous and Palpatine before the end of the war).

When talking to Cal, and explaining how Talon Malacous led her to believe the Jedi were responsible for the attack on Dathomir, she recalls a warrior attacking her people wielding a lightsaber. This was, of course, Grevious himself, who uses the lightsabers of defeated Jedi.

The Double-Bladed Saber

Taking the Dathomir references even further is the double *balled* lightsaber. Kept relatively secret until shortly before release there are actually three possible versions of Cal’s lightsaber, a single-bladed one, the double-bladed variant, or later in the story where Cal is able to split this double blade into two separate ones (albeit only for certain moves). Fittingly the double-bladed saber is unlocked on a workbench on Dathomir, the home planet of Darth Maul the character who famously debuted the double-bladed saber in The Phantom Menace.

Saw Garrera

Saw Gerrera was originally conceived by George Lucas himself for the live-action series Star Wars: Underworld. He is one of the few characters to appear in the Clone Wars, Rebels, a live-action film in 2016’s Rogue One, and now a canon story-based video game. Once again played by Forrest Whittaker, this version of Saw is less injured and perhaps less extreme or paranoid than the version we see in Rogue One which is set around fourteen years later. Saw who Dave Filoni, one of modern Star Wars’ key creative forces, has described as the ‘original rebel’ is proving to be more and more influential and important in the time between Episode III and IV.

The Order 66 Music

The game slowly teases Cal’s past as a Jedi padawan throughout, eventually leading up to a full sequence that shows how he survived the Jedi Purge of Order 66. This scene is accompanied by the music from Revenge of the Sith ‘Anakin’s Betrayal’ which similarly plays over the other scenes of Clones betraying their Jedi Generals.

“Faster and More Intense”

George Lucas admitted that he often only tells his actors to redo the scene but “faster and more intense”. This line has become a hallmark for Star Wars fans and is often cited as why much of the acting in the Star Wars prequels is poor. As a nod to this Cal’s master Jara Tapal tells him that he needs to be ‘faster and more intense’ during one of the flashbacks to Cal’s training.


As the final act of the story begins Cal’s lightsaber crystal (which was inherited from his master) breaks and he needs to build a new saber of his own, and so he travels to Illum, the sacred Jedi planet that holds thousands of crystals.

In the time of the Republic Illum was usually the place in which young Jedi went to find their lightsaber crystal. Cal recalls his original journey to the ice planet and how the crystal chooses the Jedi and not the other way around. The full process of collecting a crystal and creating lightsaber can be seen in the Clone Wars arc ‘The Gathering’, where Yoda uses a large crystal to redirect sunlight and melt the entrance to the cave – a process Cal references and repeats in Fallen Order.

The Death Star

Whilst Cal is on Illum he discovers an Imperial base has established intent on mining the kyber crystals that once powered the Jedi lightsabers. Cal and Cere don’t know why the Empire would be doing this, but fans learnt in Rogue One that the Death Star, the Empire’s ultimate weapon, is powered by kyber crystals, which is still years away from being completed during the time of Fallen Order.

Darth Vader

In spite of the Second Sister becoming Cal’s main nemesis as the game goes on, it becomes increasingly obvious that there will be one more big villain towards the end – I admittedly couldn’t decide if it would be Vader or the Grand Inquisitor, but Vader makes the most sense and was the better option.

The Dark Lord of the Sith shows up in true Vader fashion during a scene that is reminiscent of the closing sequence in 2016’s Rouge One, where Vader also appears unexpectedly at the end and systematically chases the good guys through a corridor. One of the best parts about this Vader is that he is truly villainous, and despite the hours and hours of work that you’ve put into rebuilding Cal’s relationship with the force and unlocking new abilities, it is absolutely nothing compared to Vader, who overpowers Cal with ease.

The High Ground

But the games most fan serving easter egg is a reference to one of the most infamous scenes from Revenge of the Sith. Whilst Cal is crawling around the outside of the Imperial base on Kashyyyk, he overhears some stormtroopers talking, and just before Cal jumps up to attack them we hear one saying “at least we have the high ground”. This is a reference to the end of the climactic duel between Obi-Wan and Anakin, where Obi-Wan warns Anakin not to attack as he has the high ground, Anakin attacks anyway and swiftly has his legs chopped off and is left to burn.

For more on Fallen Order check out our post on How it’s One of the Best Star Wars Stories Ever, and our video on How it Puts the Player into a Galaxy Far, Far Away Like Never Before

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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order’s Best Easter Eggs, References, and Cameos