Pop Culture Weekly Episode 1 - Cover

Pop Culture Weekly Episode 1

In Pop Culture Weekly Episode 1, the first episode of our new series, Josh takes an overly cynical and sarcastic look at this weeks biggest Pop Culture news. From a young (but not quite baby) Yoda on the way, to the Marvel’s Avengers video game launching, Batman catching Covid-19, the Mandalorian Season 2 release date is announced, and John Boyega speaks out on the problems with diversity in the Star Wars franchise…

Other stories this week include Fox’s final X-Men film, New Mutants, finally being released, an unscripted Fresh Prince of Bel-Air reunion show, more details on Star wars the High Republic. Also Disney’s live-action Mulan hits Disney +, updates on Avatar re-releases and sequels, more Sony Marvel content is on the way, new (and very late) directors cuts, a new Mario Kart that combines video games and physical toys, Netflix shows some content for free, even more reboots no one needs or wants are on the way, and the Game of Thrones tv show creators are adapting another book series for Netflix.

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