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In this part of our in-depth look at the history of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, MCU Timeline Explained – The Origins of Captain America, we look at the story behind the worlds most patriotic Super Soldier, from the history of Dr Erskine and the Red Skull, to Peggy Carter’s work with the S.S.R, Steve Rogers before and after becoming a Super Soldier, the creation of the Winter Soldier (along with some of his mored sinister missions), and HYDRA’s eventual infiltration of S.H.I.E.L.D…

Like our Origins of Captain America Video on YouTube and leave a comment on any periods or events in the MCU Timeline that you’d like to see us get into next. Don’t forget to watch our other MCU TImeline videos that cover The Brith of the Universe, Early Human History, The Age of Asgard, and The Rise and Fall of HYDRA.

Make sure to Subscribe to our YouTube channel to see future entries into the MCU Timeline Series, and for our other Timeline videos check out our Wizarding World Timeline Explained Videos HERE. For more MCU from The Opinion Arcade like us on Facebook and Twitter see our Side by Side Comparison of the Best Comic Book Panels Recreated in the Movies HERE

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MCU Timeline Explained – The Origins of Captain America