Infinity War: How the Opening Weekend at the Box Office Compares

Avengers: Infinity War was always going to be a huge movie, the first of the two part adventure that boasts an insane budget, giant cast, and is essentially what the entire MCU has been building towards for the past ten years. Thankfully the movie stands out as a marvel (no pun intended), a nearly three hour spectacle, that delivers absolutely everything you could want and more. After the opening weekend it seems pretty much everyone seems to agree, with Infinity War breaking literally every record an in short, becoming delivering the highest grossing box office weekend of all time.

The first and most important market to look to is the US Domestic Box office, where Infinity War was always going to do well, and had already broken pre release ticket records. The movie opened to 4,474 cinemas across the U.S and Canada and placed a little behind Star Wars: The Force Awakens earning $106 million on the Friday of it’s opening weekend, compared to Force Awakens’ $119.1 million. With positive word of mouth growing the Saturday saw Infinity War start to beat off the competition, and earned $83 million, which beat the previous record holder Jurassic World’s $69.6 million. The Sunday saw Infinity War continue it’s streak beating Force Awaken’s $60 million, with a huge $69.2 million.

In total then, the previous top spot for an opening weekend in the US Domestic market was Star Wars: The Force Awakens in 2015, which made $248 million, Infinity War beat this earning just over $258.2 million, earning the crown of biggest ever opening weekend in the US.

 For context the rankings (in the US) now stand as Avengers: Infinity War in first place with an opening weekend of $258.2 million, Star Wars: The Force Awakens in at second with $248 million, Star Wars: The Last Jedi at third with $220 million, Jurassic World in at fourth making $208.8 million and The Avengers at fifth earning a total of $207.4 million in it’s debut weekend. It’s also worth noting that of those top five US opening weekends, Disney own four of them.

In comparing it directly with other superhero movies the second is then the first Avengers movie at $207.4 (fifth in the overall openings), Black Panther at $202 million (sixth overall), Avengers: Age of Ultron with $191.2 million (at seventh overall), Captain America: Civil War with $179.1 million (at eight overall) and then Iron Man 3 with $174.1 million (at tenth overall). If one thing is clear it’s that Marvel’s superhero movies have dominated the US box office in terms of opening weekends, and that trend only seems to be increasing as Infinity War is their biggest hit yet.

Moving to the global market the previous record holder was 2017’s The Fate of the Furious, which set records when it made $541.9 million in it’s opening weekend. Infinity War made an estimated $640.9 million globally, and so not only has it beaten The Fate of the Furious by nearly $90 million, but almost as if to make Infinity War’s accomplishment that much more impressive the movie hasn’t even opened in China yet, whereas The Fate of the Furious did.

This puts Infinity War’s opening weekend in a clear first place with it’s $640.9 million, The Fate of the Furious at second with the $541.9 million, Star Wars: The Force Awakens is third with $529 million, Jurassic World at fourth with $525.5, and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 is fifth, with $483.2 million.

Superhero movies doesn’t fair quite as well in their opening weekends globally as they do in the US, with Marvel’s best effort pre Infinity War being the first Avengers movie which was ninth. Even more interestingly is the fact that before Infinity War the highest ranking superhero movie (again in terms of opening weekends) was 2016’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, but in context Batman v Superman had a total global gross of $873.6 million, which I’d expect Infinity War to of hit by the end of it’s first week.

If we look at the reported budget of roughly around $300 million to make (some rumours but it as high as $321.2, which is still a lot less than Avengers: Age of Ultron’s $495 million), and add the generally accepted ‘plus fifty percent’ for marketing, it would put the total cost to make and market Infinity War at somewhere around $450 million. And so based on that (admittedly very rough and uninformed working out) Infinity War made back it’s total budget and approximately 50% more back on top of that in it’s first weekend.

To say Infinity War has broken records, is almost an understatement, it has smashed them, and I’m sure it will continue to do so, probably becoming the biggest movie ever (in terms of box office revenue) within a few weeks. To see more of our Infinity War coverage, check out our summary of where the Indignity Stones are leading up to the movie Here, our top 25 Easter Eggs and References Here, and our review of the move itself Here.