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With Disney acquiring Fox, and the eventual combination of the MCU and X-Men Universe (wether that’s through a reboot or just a straight up cross over), there is a lot of change ahead for the X-Men movies. But even before any of that happens (with a deal that big taking months, if not years, to finalise) the X-Men movies are keen to continue the success of 2016’s critically acclaimed Deadpool.

We’ll see the sequel in Deadpool 2 this year, with some sort of sequel also in the works. In addition to the Deadpool movies it seems the R-rated section of the X-Men universe (which so far is sort of spilt into the mainstream PG-13 movies starring the typical X-Men lineup, and Deadpool’s R-rated ones), it looks like we’ll also be getting an ‘X-Force’ movie starring Ryan Reynolds, and the rest of the team that will be introduced in Deadpool 2.

A Brief History of the X-Force:

Like most superhero teams the X-Force has undergone a number of overhauls, revamps and change-ups since their inception in 1991 (first appearing in New Mutants #100, and acting as a rebooted team of the New Mutants). Originally led by Cable, the best way to understand the X-Force is as a younger, more pre-emptive, and militant version of the main X-Men team. Where the X-Men defend threats to mutant kind, the X-Force actively seek out and stop those threats before they escalate.

The teams line up has changed with nearly every version, but the original was made up of Cable, Boom Boom, Cannonball, Copycat/Domino, Feral, Shatterstar, Warpath, with Deadpool also featuring as an early enemy for the team. After only two issues, the roster then expanded to add, Siryn, and Sunspot. Over the first fifty issues this formed the basis for the team, with various members going in and out of the team.

Since then, a huge number of heroes have joined (and left) the team with popular additions including more well known heroes such as Wolverine, Human Torch, The Thing (who admittedly maybe don’t count as fully fledged members, and simply ‘helped out’ the team in X-Force Volume 2), X-23, and Deadpool in a more regular role.


Cable (whose real name is Nathan Summers) is the son of Cyclops and Madelyne Pryor (Jean Grey’s clone), as an infant he was transported into an alternate future where he was turned into a ruthless warrior in a world where Mutants aren’t exactly liked. Cable’s power levels have alternated over the years with the emphasis switching between his mutant abilities and his hand to hand combat prowess, but in short he poses telepathic and telekinetic abilities, and of course has a bionic arm and eye. A great example of his combat skill is his defeat of Red Hulk, Captain America, and even Wolverine (to a stalemate). He knows his eventual destiny is destroy the longtime X-Men villain Apocalypse, and has comes back in time to gather allies and prepare.

Cable himself is the main reason the X-Force team has a more aggressive approach, with his more gruff militaristic background, which contrasts heavily to the leadership style of other X leaders like Professor X or Cyclops.

With both Deadpool and Cable being created by Rob Liefeld the two have always been linked in one way or another and have shared a somewhat turbulent relationship over the years. Deadpool’s first appearance shows him on a mission to hunt Cable and his young X-Force team down.

Liefeld himself described the two as his version of ‘Spider-man and Wolverine’ (his two favourite characters), with Deadpool and Cable going on to star in a number of series that depict Cable as the straight man to Deadpool and his ‘Deadpool-ness’.

The Deadpool 2 Trailers:

In the second Deadpool 2 trailer we get a much better look at the actual plot of the movie. We see that in Deadpool’s second feature length movie (contrasting heavily with the comics) Deadpool assembles the X-Force team to fight off Cable which almost the total opposite way around to the teams original comic book origin.

It looks as though Cable has come back in time for ‘the kid’ (a mysterious collar wearing mutant played by Julian Dennison),  and that Deadpool decides he can’t protect the kid alone, so assembles the ‘X-Force’ team.

This first movie iteration of the team looks to include Zazie Beetz as Domino, Briana Hildebrand returning as Negasonic Teenage Warhead (who in the trailer points out that the name ‘X-Force’ is “a little derivative”), Terry Crews as Bedlam, Lewis Tan as Shatterstar (as confirmed by the latest trailer), and Rob Delaney as Pete Wisdom, a very human and non powered member (differening from his comics counter part who does have powers).

We can also see that Bill Skarsgard is a member of the team, with speculation putting him as Rictor, and lastly we have Shiori Kutsuna in a mystery roll, but one thing we can tell about her character is that thanks to the large ‘X’ on her shoulder, she looks to be a pre existing member of the X-Men.

Although the team is a pretty recognisable iteration (with a few new additions) the biggest change is of course Cable, being the villain. We know that Cable isn’t really a bad guy and I’m sure that he and Deadpool will work things out and take on the real bad guy quickly enough, or at the very least in time for the upcoming X-Force movie.

The X-Force Movie:

Originally announced in 2013, the X-Force movie was to be directed by Kick Ass 2’s Jeff Wadlow, with X-Force and Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld confirming both Deadpool and Cable would star a full three years before Ryan Reynolds’s movie. After the success of 2016’s Deadpool however it looks like Fox altered their approach to include the acclaimed movies cast and creative team, with Simon Kinberg (one of the main people behind Fox’s on screen X-Men universe) stating the possible X-Force movie could also star Ryan Reynolds and, like Deadpool, be R-rated.

Then, in 2017, it was announced that Ryan Reynolds himself would write the script, along with Joe Carnahan, for the X-Force movie, with Drew Goddard (show runner of Daredevil Season 1) later joining to direct the movie and finalise the script. It’s a pretty safe bet to assume that most (if not all) of the members we see round out the team in Deadpool 2 will go on to star in the X-Force movie, including Deadpool and Cable who we already know will lead the team there.

Through Deadpool’s off beat humour, fourth wall breaking, and the perfect balance of storytelling, and fan service I’m sure the X-Force (both in Deadpool 2, and in their own movie) will manage to be exactly what fans want, whilst also being something totally new. And with rumours circulating that the second Deadpool movie is testing even better than the first, it looks like how ever the movie handles the X-Force, it works.

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