Captain Holt’s Best Named Bad Guys (and Takedown Lines)

Not someone to let the discrimination against both his race, and sexuality, slow him down Raymond Holt made a name for him self through establishing ‘AAGLNYCPA’ (or African-American Gay and Lesbian New York City Policeman’s Association), slowly rising through the ranks, being a great cop, and eventually gaining command of Brooklyn’s Ninety Ninth precinct. But one of the more distinctive parts of his career is his taking down a series of infamous criminals, almost all of whom had extremely cool names…

The Disco Strangler (S1E1):

As Captain Holt arrives at the Nine-Nine (in the very first episode of the show), shortly after he meets everyone (and Jake’s very first meep morp moment), Terry explains that Holt was the one to finally take down ‘The Disco Strangler’. The scene then shifts to a flashback of the takedown, and we see the Disco Strangler holding a woman hostage and wielding a YoYo (which is presumably his weapon of choice).

Takewdown line: 

“It’s over Disco man, put down the Yo-Yo and back away from the girl”

The Freestyle Killer (S1E11):

A few months later, Holt’s reputation as a no nonsense but ambitious Captain was well established within the Nine-Nine, but after receiving a series of death threats (with a particularly ‘watery’ theme) Holt and Jake deduce that Colin Haimes, or ‘The Freestyle Killer’, is out of prison and after revenge.

Holt explains that he took down Haimes in 1982 after he had killed an entire 4×100 metre relay swim team, and Jake notes that the coolest named bad guy he ever arrested was ‘Narrow Shoes Sam’ (who was just someone named Sam who had narrow shoes…). When arresting Haimes, Holt (who at the time was a lot less robot like than in his later years) taunted Haimes as he arrested him, which then led to his attempt to kill holt after his release.

Takedown Line:

“Marco. *cocks gun* now you say polo… Punk”

The Brooklyn Broiler (S2E10):

Going into Holt’s second year with the Nine-Nine, and Santiago’s unending attempts to give Captain Holt a Christmas present (despite his policy against them), she decided to make a scrapbook of his life, aptly named ‘From Ray to Z’ (which was the working title for this post). When looking through Holt’s past cases Amy realises that ‘The Brooklyn Broiler’, an infamous Arsonist that was imprisoned for burning down twelve buildings, didn’t actually commit all of the fires he was convicted of.

Takedown Line:

*after blowing out his match* “You flamed out.. dirtbag”

The Oolong Slayer (S3E4):

The Oolong Slayer was another infamous serial killer who evaded the police, and a dedicated task force, for years. Eventually Jake thinks he has a lead, and convinces Holt (who had been forced to leave the Nine-Nine and captain a PR unit) to work the case with him.

The Oolong Slayer sets up his victim’s houses to look like a kids tea party, and serves Oolong tea, before murdering them. Eventually Holt and Jake catch him, but Holt insists that his name be kept out of the official report, Jake eventually gives up his own credit for the takedown (having always wanted to catch a serial killer), to help Holt come back to the Nine-Nine.

Takedown Line:

Oolong Slayer: Nice try cop, but you and I are gonna have a little tea party. *while he points his gun at Jake

Holt: am I invited?

Peralta: “Okay slayer, prepare to go to jail for an Oolong time”

Holt: “Now say, Punk!”

Peralta: “Punk!”

Holt: “Punk!”