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Almost every Spider-Man game introduces a new take on the classic Spider-suit, but just incase a more detailed and better looking suit than any game before it wan’t enough, a key part of most Sprier-Man video games is a range of other unlockable suits. These suits invariably deliver iconic suits from the comics and films, new powers and abilities or just some interesting new looks for New York’s friendly neighbourhood web-slinger.

Marvel’s Spider-Man continues this trend delivering twenty eight Spider-Suits that come with some of the best comic book and film adaptions we’ve seen, along with some totally new designs too. What makes the suit system in Marvel’s Spider-Man so interesting is that each new suit unlocks a certain ‘Suit Power’ that ,once unlocked, can be used with any suit – allowing for total freedom on how the each players Spider-Man looks and plays.

Advanced Suit:

As one the first story related Suits in the game, the Advanced Suit, is this version of Peter Parker’s regular suit with a few Doctor Octavius Upgrades. The advanced suit is essentially ‘the suit’ for the game, and boasts a giant white spider on the chest, totalling to one of the more unique and interesting takes on Spider-Man’s suit in Marvel’s Sider-Man.

Suit Power:

The power that unlocks with the Advanced Suit is ‘Battle Focus’, which once activated (by hitting L3 and R3 together) builds up Spider-Man’s focus at a much faster rate than usual, allowing for a number of sequential takedowns, and making Spider-Man look almost unstoppable.

How to Get It:

You literally can’t miss the Advanced Suit, as it gets unlocked pretty early on in the story (during the ‘Something Old, Something New’ mission). After Doctor Octavius discovers Peter is making suits and gadgets for Spider-Man he decides to give a few of his own ideas (showing off a particular flare for design, with the giant white spider being all Octavius).

Classic Suit Damaged:

Marvel’s Spider-Man debuts a few new takes on the Spider-suit, but of course starts out with a very recognisable costume. That classic costume doesn’t last very long though, getting torn to shreds throughout the opening sequence (that sees Spider-Man help the police arrest Wilson Fisk) leading to the ‘Classic Damaged’ outfit for Spider-Man.

Suit Power:

The Damaged version of Peter’s regular suit comes with no suit power, but thanks to the power assigning system, you can pair it with any of the the other unlocked powers.

How to Get It:

The Damaged suit is another that can’t be missed, as it’s the suit you’re in as the game opens up into an open world.

Classic Suit Repaired:

The Classic Suit is Insomniac’s take on the regular Spider-Man suit, and is the most recognisable outfit. With a small black spider on the front it contrasts well with the Advanced Suit, but gets damaged almost immediately (leading to the ‘Classic Suit Damaged’). Thankfully Peter can repair it (but also keep the damaged suit), allowing him to switch back to an undamaged, very clean, looking version of his classic suit at any time (once unlocked).

Suit Power:

The power that comes with the Classic Suit is one of the most useful in the game. ‘Web Blossom’ see’s Spidey jump into the air, crouch into a ball, and then spin around firing a number of webs at the surrounding enemies. The power serves as some useful crowd control, able to stick a number of enemies to walls and at least stun the rest, thinning out large groups in a matter of seconds.

How to Get It:

The unlock requirements for the Repaired Classic Suit are 2 Backpack Tokens, and 2 Crime Tokens, and so it’s one of the easter suits to get early on.

Noir Suit:

The ‘Marvel Noir’ storyline sees a reimagined version of Marvel’s regular universe, but set in the 1930’s with a much darker and more realistic approach to it’s characters. Wolverine is a detective with a dark past, Tony Stark is a famed Nazi fighting adventurer, and Professor X is a disgraced psychiatrist, each of these new takes (all of which were published under the Marvel Noir banner between 2009 and 2010) manages to retain the spirit of the original characters whilst completely reinventing their setting and surroundings.

Spider-Man Noir shows Peter Parker (who is still bitten by a spider, given powers, and defined by the death of his Uncle Ben) go up against New York’s criminal mayor Norman Osborn, and includes characters like Kraven, Vulture, Ben Ulrich, Aunt May and of course the Daily Bugle. Spider-Man Noir, and the Noir suit have made a number of appearances since their comic book debut (and is voiced by Nicholas Cage in 2018’s animated Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse). It’s latest appearance comes in Marvel’s Spider-Man, which looks perfect and is finished off with the comics accurate mask and pistol.

Suit Power:

The Noir Suit’s power is ‘Sound of Silence’ which stops enemies calling for backup once they are alerted to Spidey’s presence. Sound of Silence is one of the more subtle powers that helps in stealth based missions, and taking down enemies in ‘silence’.

How to Get It:

The Noir Suit requires Spider-Man to be at Level 3, and takes 2 Backpack Tokens and 2 Base Tokens.

Scarlet Spider:

The original Scarlet Spider was the vigilante alter ego of Ben Reilly, a clone of Peter Parker. The Scarlet Spider identity has since been donned by a number of other characters including Peter himself.

Suit Power:

The suits power is ‘Holo Decoy’ which sends out a number of holographic decoys to distract enemies, with the decoys acting as another reference to the cloning storyline behind the suit.

How to Get it:

The Scarlet Spider Suit requires Spider-Man to be at Level 4, and takes 3 Crime Tokens and 2 Landmark Tokens.

Spider Armour – MK II Suit:

First debuting in Amazing Spider-Man #656 Peter built the second version of his spider armour to make up for his recent loss of Spidey-sense. The suit was highly advanced, had built in web-shooters, and was able to deflect and sustain damage from gunshots (helping with his lessened reflexes).

Suit Power:

Mirroring it’s intended use from the comics the MK II suit unlocks ‘Bullet Proof’, which makes Spidey completely bullet proof for it’s duration.

How to Get it:

The MK II Suit needs Spidey at Level 5, and requires 1 Base token, 1 Landmark token and 2 Research Tokens.

Secret War Suit:

Combining the regular Marvel Universe with others like the House of M, Age of Apocalypse and the Ultimates versions the Secret War storyline saw each world forced to take each other on in the ’Battleworld’. The arc ends with a reboot of the entire Marvel universe by combining elements from each alternate version into one.

Suit Power:

The Secret War Suit unlocks the ‘Arms Race’ power, which sends out a big EMP wave that disables weapons and stuns enemies.

How to Get it:

For the Secret War Suit Spider-Man needs to be at Level 7, and have 2 Backpack Tokens 1 Base Token, and 2 Research Tokens.

Stark Suit:

Before his first solo MCU movie in 2016’s Spider-Man Homecoming, Tom Holland’s Spider-Man debuted into Marvel’s Cinematic Universe in Captain America: Civil War. There he was recruited by Tony Stark into the ‘pro Sokvia Accords team’ in the movies’ adaption of the Civil War storyline (which saw the debate over superheroes registering their secret identities with S.H.I.E.L.D).

Upgrading Peter from his homemade goggles and hoodie look, Tony gives Peter his own take on the Spider-Suit, along with some highly advanced web shooters and it’s very own JARVIS style AI (that Peter names Karen).

Suit Power:

The Stark Suit’s Suit Power is ‘Spider Bro’ which brings in an autopilot ‘spider-drone’ who hovers over the fight and shoots at enemies. The drone is significantly more powerful than the regular gadget drones and is more than capable of taking care of groups of enemies on it’s own.

How to Get it:

Unlocking the Homecoming Suit takes an Level 9 Spidey, 3 Crime Tokens, 1 Base Token, and 1 Research Token.

Negative Suit:

The negative suit is essentially just Peter’s regular suit, with the colour drained from it due to a trip to the Negative Zone.

Suit Power:

The Negative Suit’s Power is called ‘Negative Shockwave’ and is similar to the Secret War Suit’s ‘Arms Race’ in that it emits a wave that affects enemies and disables weapons. The key difference is that Negative Shock wave does much more damage in a smaller, more concentrated, area.

How to Get it:

For the Negative Suit Spider-Man needs to be at Level 11, and have 1 Base Token, 2 Landmark Tokens and 1 Research Tokens.

Electrically Insulated Suit:

The Electrically Insulated suit (also known as the Electro Proof Suit in the comics) comes from a showdown between Spider-Man and Electro, and first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #425. The suit has appeared in numerous video games since it’s debut.

Suit Power:

‘Electric Punch’ charges up all of Spider-Man’s melee attacks with electricity, which is then able to chain stun nearby enemies once one is hit.

How to Get it:

The Suit requires a Level 13 Spider-Man along with 3 Crime Tokens, 1 Base Token, and 1 Research token.


The Spider-Punk suit pays homage to Hobart Brown, the Spider-Man of Earth 138 who leads the Spider Army against President Osborn’s oppressive regime. The original design for the suit was to be for Spider-UK, but eventually became it’s own character. Hobart Brown uses an electric guitar and has gone on to appear in a number of multiple Spider-Man crossovers including Spider-Verse, and Web Warriors.

Suit Power:

The fittingly titled suit power of ’Rock Out’ see’s Spider-Man leap into the air and pull out an electric guitar, with a pulse of energy shooting outwards as he hits the strings.

How to Get it:

The Spider-Punk Suit takes being at Level 16, 2 Backpack tokens, 3 Crime Tokens, and 2 Landmark Tokens or was available at launch with a pre-order.

Wrestler Suit:

The Wrestler Suit shows off one of Peter’s first costumes, referencing his early days as Spider-Man, where he decided to use his new found strength and abilities to earn money as a wrestler.

Suit Power:

The Suit Power ‘King of the Ring’ lets Spidey throw enemies without them having to be webbed, allowing for some quick crowd control.

How to Get it:

The Wrestler Suit requires a Level 19 Spider-Man along with 2 Backpack Tokens, 2 Base Tokens, and 2 Research Tokens.

Fear Itself Suit:

The 2011 crossover event Fear Itself sees a number of Marvel’s biggest heroes take on the Asgardian god of Fear ‘the Serpent’ (Odin’s brother, and Thor’s Uncle), as he plunges Earth into a state of panic whist attempting to take the Asgardian throne from Odin.

To defeat the Serpent, Iron Man works with the Dwarves of Svartalfheim to create eight new suits from the same material as Thor’s hammer (known as ‘Uru’). The eight heroes who get new suits are Doctor Strange, Red She-Hulk, Hawkeye, Ms. Marvel, Iron fist, Black Widow, IronMan, Wolverine, and of course Spider-Man.

Suit Power:

‘Quad Damage’ is the Fear Itself Suit Power and increases the damage Spider-Man does ‘massively’ allowing for near insant takedowns, but comes with a steep recharge time compared to other power ups.

How to Get it:

The Fear Itself Suit requires Level 21, 2 Base Tokens, 6 Challenge Tokens, and 3 Research Tokens.

Stealth (‘Big Time’) Suit:

Debuting in Amazing Spider-Man #650 and created to counteract the Hobgoblin’s sonic screams, the stealth suit is highlighted with a large almost neon spider (that can change colour) and has been worn by both Peter and Kaine Parker (another clone of Peter). The suit has extensive stealth and camouflage capabilities, and has no official title, but was named the ‘Big Time’ suit by fans (as it debuted during the ‘Big Time’ arc).

Suit Power:

The ‘Blur Projector’ stops enemies (that aren’t already alerted to Spidey’s whereabouts) from detecting any movement, allowing for a simplified stealth approach.

How to Get it:

Unlocking the Suit requires Level 23, 2 Base Tokens, 4 Challenge Tokens, and 3 Landmark Tokens.

Spider Armour – MK III Suit:

The Spider-Armour MK III Suit has an almost Deathstroke vibe to it, and was created to help Spider-Man fight off the Sinister Six. The suit is equipped with a special hearing device (based on Daredevil’s abilities) to help detect Chameleon, a visor that allows Spider-Man to see through Mysterio’s illusions, a spray and phone app that lets Peter control Sandman, Electro-proofing to stop Electro, extra durability to help against Rhino, jet boosters to help him fly, a fully equipped utility belt and a range of other gadgets that to take down Doctor Octopus.

Suit Power:

Similar to ‘Bullet Proof’ The Spider Armour MK III’s power, ‘Titanium Alloy Plates’ defends against bullet fire, but goes that extra mile and reflects the shots back at the shooters, the only exception is that it doesn’t work against all enemies with Snipers still able to get their shots in.

Hot to Get It:

Unlocking the MK III Suit requires Level 26, 2 Base Tokens, 4 Challenge Tokens, and 4 Crime Tokens.

Spider-Man 2099 Black Suit:

As a part of the late 90’s Marvel 2099 initiative, that showed off the legacy of current Marvel Heroes one hundred years into the future. Spider-Man 2099 has a pretty complicated back story that involves genetic experimentation for super soldiers, blackmail, and drug addiction. Spider-Man 2099 is the alter ego of Miguel O’Hara.

Suit Power:

The 2099 suit comes with the ‘Low Gravity’ power, which as you’d expect lowers Spider-Man’s gravity, allowing for more time in the air to perform aerial movies.

How to Get it:

The Spider-Man 2099 Suit needs a fittingly Level 29 Spider-Man , 2 Base Tokens, 4 Crime Tokens, and 4 Research Tokens.

Iron Spider Suit:

First debuting in the Civil War arc, the Iron Spider suit is given to Peter Parker by Iron Man, after he decides to join the pro registration side, and reveal his secret identity to the world. The suit is a blend of the regular Spider-suit with the Iron Man armour and comes with four giant extendable Spider arms from Spider-Man’s back.

The version in Marvel’s Spider-Man is taken right from the MCU’s Avengers: Infinity War (after we actually got a small glimpse of the suit the end of Spider-Man homecoming),

Suit Power:

The suits power is of course the ‘Iron Arms’, which go far beyond a simple cosmetic and once activated act as some extra appendages for Spidey to take down the numerous thugs, thieves, Sable agents and Demons throughout New York.

How to Get it:

The Iron Spider suit came as a bonus with the pre-order, or can be unlocked with 3 Base Tokens, 3 Challenge Tokens, 4 Crime Tokens and being at Level 31.

Velocity Suit:

Totally unique to Marvel’s Spider-Man the Velocity suit, was designed by veteran Marvel Comics arias Adi Granov.

Suit Power:

The Velocity Suit unlocks the ‘Blitz’ Suit Power, which allows for faster movement, which in turn allows for some brutal knocking downs on enemies.

How to Get It:

The Velocity Suit is either a Pre-Order Bonus, or can be unlocked at Level 33 with 2 Backpack Tokens, 4 Challenge tokens, and 2 Landmark Tokens.

Spider Armour MK IV Suit:

First appearing in Amazing Spider-Man Volume 4 #1, the MK IV suit was created after Parker Industries became a technological giant and Peter needed the Prowler to impersonate him so people wouldn’t suspect him of being Spider-Man. The suit has a number of upgrades allowing Prowler to simulate most of Peter’s abilities.

Suit Power:

‘Defense Shield’ really makes things easier for Spider-Man, generating an energy field that absorbs all incoming damage.

How to Get It:

The MK IV Suit needs Spider-Man to be at Level 35, and uses up 4 Base Tokens, 4 Challenge Tokens, and 3 Landmark Tokens.

Spirit Spider:

Based on the Earth 11638’s Peter Parker, also known as the Ghost Spider, who is very similar to the main Peter, with one massive difference; t his Uncle Ben never died. Instead Ben helped train Peter to hone his abilities, wit Peter eventually becoming an extremely rich and successful scientist as well.

Suit Power:

The ‘Spirit Fire’ power adds a fiery boost to all of Spider-Man’s attacks, setting hit enemies on fire.

How to Get it:

The Spirit Spider Suit requires a Level 37 Spider-Man along with 6 Base Tokens, 6 Challenge Tokens, and 6 Crime Tokens.

Spider-Man 2099 White Suit:

Another of Miguel O’Hara’s suits, the White version is an upgraded design Miguel received when he joined Parker Industries (after some time travelling and meeting the original Peter Parker).

Suit Power:

The 2099 White Suit’s Power, ‘Concussion Strike’ sends out a large concussive burst that shoots enemies away from Spider-Man.

How to Get It:

The 2099 White Suit requires Spider-Man to be at Level 39, and takes 4 Base Tokens, 4 Challenge Tokens and 4 Crime Tokens.

Vintage Comic Book Suit:

Simply put the Vintage Comic Book Suit delivers a very stylised looking cartoon looking, original comic book-esque, cel shaded costume that still manages to look great in this version of Marvel’s New York.

Suit Power:

The suit’s power, in another comic book throwback, is ‘Quips’ which show off Spidey’s quick wit and unstoppable ability to insult his enemies (but provides no real help in combat, other than hurting the bad guy’s moral).

How to Get It:

The Vintage Comic Book Suit Suit requires a Level 41 Spider-Man, 4 Backpack Tokens, 4 Challenge Tokens, and 4 Crime Tokens.

Last Stand Suit:

The Last Stand Spider-Man is a sort of evil alternate version of Peter, who kills Kraven the Hunter and becomes much darker and more murderous afterwards. Peter eventually dies in a final confrontation with the NYPD after refusing to go in quietly and atone for his crimes.

Suit Power:

‘Unrelenting Fury’ stops all enemies from blocking Spider-Man’s attacks, even if they have a shield, allowing for a much smoother and more free flowing fights.

How to Get It:

The Last Stand Suit requires Spider-Man to be at Level 45, and takes 20 Crime Tokens.


Undies is exactly what you’d expect, and shows Peter wearing nothing but his mask and a pair of Spider-Man themed undies.

Suit Power:

The Undies Suit continues it’s more humours theme into it’s unlockable power, ‘Equalizer’ allows Peter to take down his enemies in one hit, the only catch is, Spider-Man goes down in one hit too.

How to Get it:

One of the hardest suits to unlock, getting the Undies Suit takes completing all of the Main Missions, Side Missions, and reaching 100% in all districts.

Homemade Suit:

Rounding out the MCU Spider-Suits, the third and final one is the Homemade Suit which we briefly glimpse in Captain America: Civil War, and again in Homecoming after Tony takes the Stark suit away from Peter.

Suit Power:

The Homemade Suit doesn’t come with any powers.

How to Get it:

The suit is simple enough to acquire as all it takes is collecting all 55 Backpack (which are some of the games best easter eggs, and not that difficult to find).

Anti-Ock Suit:

Fighting fire with fire, or highly advanced technological clothing accessories with highly advanced technological clothing accessories, Peter decides to mimic Doc Ock’s new arms and make that same tech. into a suit of his own, better equipping him to go up against his former mentor.

Suit Power:

The power that comes with the Anti-Ock Suit, ‘Resupply’ allows a repeating restock of the active spider-gadget, (explained via the nano-mesh working to replenishing what is used), helping massively in that final fight against Doc Ock.

How to Get It:

The Ant-Ock Suit is one of the later suits in the game, unlocking in the final story mission and Doc Ock showdown.

Dark Suit:

After hearing that Black Cat (aka Felicia Hardy) is back in town, and seemingly up to her old tricks again Peter follows her trail all over the city, eventually leading him to her hideout, where a brand new suit is waiting for him. The mission ends on a cliff hanger, that will be picked up in the games first DLC ‘The Heist’.

Suit Power:

The Dark Suit comes with no special Power, yet – but might unlock one in the upcoming Black Cat DLC.

How to Get It:

The Dark Suit is easy enough to get, all it takes is completing each of the Black Cat Stakeouts, which involve looking through a camera lens and locating the small cat toy in the surrounding area.

ESU Suit:

Another of the more fun suits, the ESU suit is one of the regular clothes outfits we see Peter in throughout the game, with the Spider-Man mask added to help protect his identity.

Suit Power:

Like a few of the others, the ESU Suit doesn’t have any associated powers.

How to Get It:

The ESU Suit is definitely the hardest suit to get, as it takes locating the 50 secret Photo Ops around the city, none of which are on the map, and are a combination of real world and Marvel landmarks.

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